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Lokator enables retailers to improve the customer experience through innovative tools that facilitate the management and dissemination of information.
Containers manager

This touchscreen system reduces fraud and waiting time at courtesy and simplifies staff management during peak.
Items locator

This touch-screen kiosk is a way finder that indicates quickly and simply the exact location of a product in store, without the help of a clerk.


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Pleased with the growing popularity of TouchFind terminals installed at the Canadian TireDollard-des-Ormeaux, the retailer has added a terminal at the store entrance. Customers can immediately find their articles and given more time to learn about new products and special offers in store.
Lokator announces the upcoming opening of a new branch located in Quebec. Companies wishing to find a solution to their problems and effective in-store location will now benefit from easier access to products and advice from experts Lokator. The opening date... Read more »»»